Tuesday, March 22, 2011

For beginner moshling colectors

For all of you beginner colectors you want to start off with a easy moshling to get so moshlings i would sugest are...
if you are a moshi member you will want to start off with a moshling like Humphrey ( the snoring Hickopotumus ) the code to catch Humphery is
any couler Crazy daisey + any couler hot silly peppers + any couler magic beans= Humphrey :}
Then agian most begginer moshling hunters are not moshi members yet so some begginer moshlings if  you are not a member are...
Snookums ( the baby tumteedum ) snookums is one of the cutest moshlings you will find in monstro city one thing you need to no about Snookums is he will eat oddie the ultra rare donut moshling so you might not want to put them together in one moshi room. anyways the code to catch Snookums is three star blossoms of any couler. and what ever you do don't play loud music in the same room as Snookums.
Another good begginer moshling is Purdy (the tubby huggishi) the code to catch her is 2 dragon fruit both with any couler and a moon orchid of any couler.

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  1. Thanks! But so is ALL the comman ones like Stanley or Chop chop or maybe even Angel or Gingersnap those moshlings. Just some ideas. I can tell you how to get them if you want.